Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League

To address the growing numbers and interest from our participants, the Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League (“Virginia League”) has developed and adopted the following Middle School Program Policy.  

The aim of the Virginia League is to develop strong bodies, strong minds, and strong characters through the sport of mountain biking.  Introducing mountain biking to the Middle School riders is a great avenue to foster these traits in our youngest participants and promote their progression in the sport.

New for 2016 is a two wave Middle School system. 

  • Middle School Category "A" will complete 2 LAPS
  • Middle School Category "B" will complete 1 LAP

The Virginia League Middle School Policy is based on the following premises:

  1. High school students and middle school students are a unique age group with specific needs and interests that deserve a program of their own.

  2. NICA-licensed high school coaches are given the ultimate decision whether or not to include middle school students in their practices.

  3. Middle school is defined as 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

  4. To accommodate the growing number of Middle School participants, two categories of racing will be run during the 2016 season, an A and B category.

Key functional aspects of Middle School program:

  1. The race duration will be between 30 and 60 minutes, in either a one-lap or two-lap format depending on Race Category.

  2. The Middle School Girls will race separately as part of the Girls Wave.

  3. The Middle School Boys will race in a standalone wave.

  4. All middle school students riding with their school’s club must register with the Virginia League (name appearing in the Pit Zone and have turned in a completed NICA Participation Agreement & Waiver).

  5. All middle school clubs will be led by licensed coaches and ride leaders based on their skill and fitness abilities and will stay on terrain and ride distances appropriate to their fitness and skill levels.

  6. NICA licensed high school teams may allow registered middle school students to train with them if the head coach agrees. All middle school students riding with a high school team must be registered with the Virginia League (name appearing in the Pit Zone and have turned in a completed NICA Participation Agreement & Waiver).

  7. Students who do not have a registered club at their middle school or in their area may register to compete as an Independent Rider. Independent Riders will not be covered by the Virginia League’s insurance program when riding on their own during the season, but will be covered during the race if they have properly registered with the Virginia League.

Virginia League Middle School Policy Rules:

  1. Coaches shall select category designation by SEPTEMBER 9th, 2016.  Default or failure to select a category shall result in Category B placement. Category "A" is for advanced middle school riders. Category "B" is for novice to intermediate middle school riders. 

  2. While coaches/riders self-select for the first race, a formal petition is required to switch categories afterwards.  Petitions shall follow the same rules as high-school petitions.  Information regarding petitions can be found HERE.

  3. A and B categories will count equally to Middle School overall team scoring.

  4. A riders will be pulled after the 1st lap as determined by Race Official on race day.  NOTE: The goal is for riders to have a positive race experience.  Being pulled from a race is a negative race experience. As such, please use best judgement when choosing category designation.  

  5. Both A and B categories shall have top-5 race podiums and be awarded overall Leader’s Jerseys.