We recognize that the coaches are the ones who make high school mountain bike teams possible.  In light of that, NICA wants to provide any support it can to coaches, new and experienced alike.  Below you will find some resources that you may find helpful when starting or managing a high school mountain bike team.  You may also contact Virginia League Director, Peter Hufnagel, with any questions

Coaches Licensing Program

The NICA Coaches Licensing Program is intended to ensure that all coaches and ride leaders are sufficiently knowledgable so as to provide a safe and positive experience for all student athletes.  To learn more about the program, please visit NICA Coaches Licensing Program page. Thanks to our generous NICA sponsors, licensed coaches enjoy a number of discounts and other perks. These benefits vary by license level, click here for more information.

Coaches Manual

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Managing and Raising Team Funds

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Team/Club Sponsors

Skills Instruction

Safety & Risk Management

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